our BArs & bar furniture selection

Greenery Front Bar
Qt. 1
42"H x 60"W 19"D

Half Circle White Bar
Qt. 2
48"H x 82"W x 40"D
*Can be customized

Stained Wood Bar
Qt. 1
41"H x 78.5"W x 23"D

Black Curved Bar
Qt. 1 
40"H x 82"W x 21"D

Customizable Bar Facade
Qt. 6
42"H x 78"W x 24"D
*Can be customized with monogram, mirror, boxwood, panels, vinyl patterns, etc.

Custom Bar Facade
Shown w/wave panels
Can be painted

Custom Bar Facade
Shown w/Geo Panels

Custom Bar Facade
Shown w/Custom Monogram

Custom Bar Facade
Shown w/Boxwood Panels

Custom Bar Facade
Shown w/Mirror Panels

Gray Curved Bar
Qt. 1
38"H x 70"W x 28"D

White Louis Barstool
Qt. 6
30"H x 25"W x 25"D

our BAR & bar furniture selection

Black Velvet Barstool
Qt. 6
30"H x 20"W x 18"D

Gold Bistro Table
Qt. 4
43"H x 23.5"W

Gold/Glass Bistro Table
Qt. 4
44"H x 24"W

Gold/White Bistro Table
Qt. 9
42"H x 24"W

Gold/White Communal Table
Qt. 4
47"H x 39.5"W x 15"D

Ghost Barstool
Qt. 8
30"H x 12"W

Gold/White Mosaic
Qt. 2
9.5"H x 7.5"W

Gold Mercury Vase
Qt. 1
12"H x 6"W

Gold Geo Mirrored Tall
Qt. 3
12.5"H x 6.5"W

Gold Metal Containers
Qt. 2
15"H x 6"W
15"H x 5"W

Gold Opaque Vase
Qt. 2
12"H x 3.5"W

Gold Mirror Vases
Qt. 4 Square - 3"H x 3"W x 3"D
Qt. 9 Tall - 10"H x 2.5"W x 2.5"D
Qt. 4 Rectangle - 6"H x8"W x 2"D 

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