our story

where it all began

Events Styled by LUXE really began when it was time for our daughter's wedding. Mady got engaged in Jan 2020, so the planning began. Once we started, I couldn’t stop! I knew we needed some lounge areas, a bar, a flower wall, and of course, her bling decor. I loved the hunt for the perfect piece and the fact that I could use my talent and love for design, really excited me. I quickly decided this was something I LOVED doing. So Events Styled by LUXE was born from that love of design, creative process and passion for seeing others dreams and visions come to life. I wanted to give other brides the uniqueness that I was creating for my own daughter. Something that is as unique and beautiful as you are!

We opened our doors October 1, 2020. I was working a full time job and it was quickly becoming overwhelming and exhausting trying to start a business and getting my name out there. And even though I only had 2 events scheduled at that point, we made the decision for me to quit my job. It was a little challenging at first, but with the support of my entire family, and GOD opening the doors at the right moments for me, it became what it is today. We’ve allowed God to take control and lead us on this fun-filled journey so that we continue our true desire to see you have the event of your dreams.

meet kristina

I’m a wife, mom, dog and cat mom, and a proud Mimi to my grand puppy! I absolutely love decorating for Christmas (8 trees). Pink is my favorite color…I’m sure you hadn’t noticed lol. I love going to the beach and spending time with my family the most. Oh, and of course shopping!! I’ve been called a “hoarder of pretty things” and love it!

I am married to my best friend, lover, and my rock, Allen. We’ve been married for 28 years and we dated for 6 years before that. Yes, we were high school sweethearts. He supports me 1000% and is my biggest cheerleader. I absolutely couldn’t do it without him, nor would I want to! He is now a retired firefighter. He was a city, AirForce, and guard unit firefighter and was also a contract firefighter in Afghanistan.

We have two beautiful daughters, Mady and Ally. I was a stay-at-home their entire school age life and I truly enjoyed being involved in all aspects of their young lives. I was on the PTO Board, room mom, helped with fundraising, in charge of Santa Shop, and volleyball team mom for both girls.

I really didn’t know what I wanted to do once they graduated but I absolutely knew it had to have something to do with decorating and designing! A friend and I took on a fun hobby and had a booth in an antique store for a few years. We both loved shopping for the perfect piece (well just shopping in general) that we could put our touch on. I loved being able to create, but after a few years it was time to get a big girl job. I started working at a local florist and was introduced to many aspects of design. I was able to work on a few weddings with them and that’s what gave me so many ideas when it came time to plan Mady’s big day! During the process of planning, it became very evident I wanted to do this for others. So, we as a family, made the decision this was what I was meant to do. Mady’s wedding gave me the confidence that I needed to show everyone what I was capable of. Now, each and every day, I’m learning and growing into the proud woman that I raised my girls to be. Being able to bring my clients dreams to life is my passion!

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